Our Vision

Our vision is that the 2030s fill Brevard county with high school graduates alive to the beauty of the Created Order, the Truth of God’s Word, and the Goodness that only comes by knowing our Creator.  We envision a school filled with two hundred souls who joyfully pursue God.  We see a future in which the corner of Waelti and Wickham is filled from Sunday to Saturday with children and adults growing in love and honor towards each other according to the deep truths of the Christian faith.  We see a place where men and women will return saying, “This is the place that gives me strength to live for God and work for the common good.”

Our Background

Saint Paul’s Church has been serving the people of Brevard County by offering prayers for the health and salvation of our community, maintaining an award-winning thrift shop, and by feeding families in need. After nearly thirty years of prayer and study, we want to do more. We realize that there is still a need in Brevard County for in-person, focused education dedicated to something more than landing a job later in life. We are starting a school that is both classical and parochial in Brevard County so that we can form students to be virtuous and wise and help families be spiritually healthy and whole.

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