At Saint Paul’s Classical School, we have one program: classical education. The program understands itself as foundational; each grade will form the man or woman who graduates from the high school. Each human needs to experience love, beauty, and truth so that they can be who God has created them to be. This means that classical education is more than just preparation for the workplace, but intentionally shaping students to be a certain kind of person who is wise and good.

In every grade, students are presented with beautiful literature, accurate math and science, and teachers who lovingly present the world. We invite the students to wonder at the world around them. In the natural sciences we observe birds, trees, and wildlife. We cultivate plants. We learn our subject by interacting with it in the field, not just reading about it at a desk. We favor sketchbooks over tablets and gardens over labs. This approach develops students’ intellectual curiosity so that they will be lifelong, independent, and preceptive learners.

In literature we purposefully read whole good books instead of textbooks. Reading and digesting the great works literature gives us an opportunity to be taught by wisest men from the past. We memorize and recite poetry and Holy Scripture and learn grammar and rhetoric, so that our students learn to articulate true ideas beautifully. Our whole program rests on the ideas that hearts and minds must be “tuned” and directed towards the True, Beautiful, and Good. Only then can we become what God has intended for us to be.


Saint Paul’s Classical School recognizes the truth that God has revealed Himself to the world finally and completely in His Son Jesus Christ. At Saint Paul’s Classical School we see the Christian faith fully integrated into every aspect of our common life at school.

A full and complete education necessitates cultivating love for one’s Creator and Redeemer. Christ’s story informs and directs our own stories thereby creating “culture”. Culture binds people together by giving us a shared vision for the future, telling and retelling our common stories and singing our common songs. Christian Culture is founded on Christ. His Birth, Death, and Resurrection have restored Creation and freed us to love and serve Him here until He returns. We serve Him by cultivating virtue in our own lives and the life of our families, as well as working for the common good of where we live.

All of our school days begin and end in the chapel with the ancient services of Matins and Evensong. Here we read Holy Scripture, recite Psalms, sing hymns, and pray the prayers that the Church has prayed for millennia. Our common worship and common prayer is formative and central to our education here at Saint Paul’s Classical School.

We also focus on cultivating moral character in all of our students. As this moral character grows and matures, our students learn how to recognize and determine what is good and right. Developing virtue in our students is the bedrock of our program and arises out of acknowledging that Christ is the Truth.

Services Provided at Saint Paul’s Classical School:

We currently educate students in grades K-5th. No other services are provided by the school.

Qualifications for Instructional Personnel at Saint Paul’s Classical School:

All Instructional Personnel at SPCS have at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in any Subject
  2. Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience
  3. Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects.
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